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What's the difference?

Conventional Cosmetics Vs Natural Cosmetics

Conventional Cosmetics

  • Uses Synthetic Oils derived from Petroleum or Silicones. Contains no Nutrients for the Skin ( Amino Acids, steroids, etc.)

  • Tiny amounts of natural oils are added in order to make claims (i.e. with Almond Oil)

  • High-tech isolated plant extracts are added in minute amounts to suggest an innovative product (i.e. with valuable lotus Flower)

  • Synthetic Mineral oil derivatives are dead fats by their very nature which holds no nutrients for your skin.


Natural Cosmetics

  • Uses natural vegetables oils, which contains Tocopherois, phospolipids, Phytosterois, Vitamins and fatty Acids. 

  • These are able to integrate with the skin and can assist functions, which the skin is no longer able to maintain, due to aging or in-balance. 

  • Natural substances like urea, lactic acid, sodium lactate and glycerin keep the moisture in the skin

  • Plant extracts support these processes

  • The skin becomes balanced, and as a result, less is needed

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