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Created with your health in mind

          Owner's Life Long Mission:


As a child Helga wandered the fields around her village in Germany, searching out plants and feeling their texture, rubbing their leaves and smelling their unique scent. She went on to study chemistry, always aware of the diversity nature offers.

She was a voracious reader, and herbal medicine was her biggest interest. She researched the methods used by our ancestors. Concluded that calendula, arnica and marigolds, were so cheerful and calming to irritated skin. Plantain, native to Michigan, borage and jewelweed, the variations were endless. 

Esthetician & Chemistry

After spending some time as a chemist, Helga ventured on to new avenues and became an esthetician. She started to see the multitude of skin issues, and while the products used on her clients were certainly of the highest quality, they could not address the multitude of issues she was seeing. Helga tried to think of a better way. To make a crème for each client, using only those ingredients suited to their particular need.


It took many years of testing-- the problems she faced were numerous. How to add additional ingredients, without causing the product to separate? How to ensure the product had enough preservation even after the addition of other ingredients? How to ensure the ingredients would not react  with each other? Nature provided all the answers.


Natural & Organic

Lets cut out the chemicals, dyes, fragrances and dangerous ingredients that saturate the industry.  Lets leave out even natural

ingredients that are known allergens such as beeswax and Lanolin. Helga felt that if she was going to spend her time creating a product,

she ought to use the very best ingredients. Let's become educated about what we are putting on our bodies.

Nature is amazing, our bodies are incredible. We can heal ourselves and we can turn back the clock with the help of nature.

Owner Helga Souva

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